Videos from television, art shows, photo shoots and short films.

featuring model Valerie Carpender

Elija Pearson is pushed to his limits when a woman is brutally attacked and murdered in his park.
* This was made in a weekend for the National Film Challenge 2012*
Genre: Dark Comedy
Character: Elija Pearson // Park Ranger
Prop: Landline Phone
Dialogue: "It was like that when I got here"

Justin Dehn

During the Minneapolis stop on the Budweiser Made in America Tour, I was asked to do a live painting during the concert event unlike one I've done before. Check out the time lapse video from the event.

My WCCO Morning Show Interview

A day in the life.  Balancing art with photo shoots.

American Artland: My first t.v. show idea.  I still love this idea and would love to continue with the concept. You can visit this mural in Northeast Minneapolis.

Video interview from the RAW Artists event, Minneapolis

Behind the scenes shooting in Chicago for the Kardashian sisters!

Fall/Winter 2011 line for the Kardashian sister's line for Sears.

A painting I made for someone special.

Miami Swim Week, Aqua Di Lara Fashion Show- Watch at  0:52, 2:20 and 2:47

 Making art is my passion.  Here is where and when it all started. 

Behind the scenes at a shoot with Minneapolis photographer Tieg VanHolland 2011

Video of me riding my Quarter Horse, Cutter!  

Boston Stores "Cure for Couture" Fashion Show