One word, two definitions.

I love beautiful things.  I paint beautiful women, horses and other things of beauty.  I want everyone to be surrounded in beauty.  Because of my work as a model, you might think my definition of beauty would be distorted, and you would be right to assume so.  If you are a woman, you know it's difficult to get through a day without being told you need to look a certain way, get this new treatment or product and do everything you can to be beautiful.  Beauty makes us happy, right?  In the last 50 years, the word beauty grew an evil twin sister, and clearly we are all confused.

Let me clear this up, which will help you to understand my artwork and what I mean when I talk about beauty.

beauty, deceptive
The overused, empty, diluted version that evolved from our image-obsessed culture.   It's used to describe everything our culture does to give an illusion of true beauty.  Often used out-of-context, it perpetuates our cultures' distorted views of self-worth and acceptance values. No magic cream, plastic surgery procedure or photoshop filter can possibly result in the kind of meaningful beauty that really matters [to me].

beauty, truth
Beauty- the meaningful, undeniable kind- radiates from a place of truth and authenticity.  It it is simple.   It is not just seen, it is felt.  True beauty is found in every living creature, place and thing.    It is never duplicated.  It includes experiences and defining moments that change your life.  In the presence of such beauty, you feel empowered and inspired.   Part of what makes something so beautiful is the fact that it doesn't try to be.  Especially with people.

Truth is beauty.  This is something I know for sure.

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