August 12, 2015

Running a business is hard. Probably the hardest thing one can ever do.

To all my friends and family: I'm sorry for my inability to text or call anyone back, to freely hang out on weekends or grab lunch, happy hour or even dinner most nights during the week.  I realize this is frustrating, but please understand... I am in the first couple years of one of the hardest things a person can do: grow and run their own business.

For me, there is no other option, no plan B, no second best idea for what I am here to do.  If I am lucky to live 80 years on this planet, I'm going to make sure I'm doing what I love every day. I am energized by taking an idea and turn it into something.  I'm an artist, but that doesn't automatically mean I have a business.  Creating every single day is the fun part, but to actually generate a living for myself (and eventually others) is the tough part that takes sacrifice.  I've learned that most entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they're a little crazy and completely consumed with making their idea happen.

And this is why I don't have time for Happy Hours.  

I'm very excited about the future of my creative business.  I am constantly thinking of how my work can bring happiness to the lives of others.   My signature paintings, the highly personalized Vive Collages, give me just as much pleasure to make as the new owners  get when they see it for the first time.  They are getting more than just art- they are reliving their memories while getting an experience they'll remember every time they see the painting.  My jewelry line is also taking shape in the same personalized manner.  Each piece has a story- carefully crafted to remind us of who we are. I'm very excited to share my new jewelry collection on my website in the next couple weeks. I just wrapped up my first official photo shoot yesterday with the help of the very talented photographer William Clark.

I truly love every element of growing and expanding a business.  Nothing excites me more than the possibilities that come with taking a little brand and turning it into something big.  I love bringing happiness to others with something I can create.  My journey as an artist is far bigger than just me, so I am always thinking of ways to help support other creative people along the way as well.  More to come... stay tuned.

To see a sneak peak of my latest jewelry, follow me on Instagram.

New necklaces!  Each brings us back down to earth with pendants made of arrowheads, Lake Superior agate, deer antler points and quartz wrapped in beaded wire.

Bone and metal three layered wrap bracelet. 

Wrap bracelet gives the look of three bracelets, but is one long strand with magnetic closure.  Easy.
My studio supervisor on duty.


  1. I applaud your entrepreneurial spirit. I takes guts and hard work to start and succeed at business, but with your talent I have no doubt you'll continue to be successful. Plus, you have an awfully cute studio supervisor! Cheers!

    1. correction: IT takes guts . . .