June 22, 2015

New photo shoots to talk about!

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm getting into my creative projects at the studio this week and looking forward to some focused work time.  But, as always, I know that could change tomorrow when I get a phone call from one of my agencies!

I've been posting a lot about my artwork lately, and have neglected to talk about where I go and what I do when I get booked on modeling jobs and leave town on short notice.   So, here's the scoop an some of the biggest clients I've enjoyed working in the last couple months.

I've absolutely loved getting into the groove with Spanx and shooting with the talented John Urbano down in Atlanta. Plus,  I'm a huge Sarah Blakely fan, (she's #17 on Forbes' list of Self-Made Women) and I enjoy getting the inside scoop on her ever-expanding business and philanthropic ventures!  When it comes to shooting of the infamous Spanx shape wear, well, let's just say none of us ladies feel the need to avoid the desserts at the end of lunch! Since photos of me wearing nothing but Spanx have been all over the internet for the last year,  I guess there's no point in hiding the photos in this blog post either. ;)  FYI- Spanx jeans and bras are worth giving a try.

Minneapolis has one big client everyone has heard of (and buys way more than intended at).  Target moved much of their big modeling work to New York over the past years, but we are slowly convincing them to bring their shoots back home!  I've shot their in-store signage several times, but this time we were testing out a new idea: Business meets pleasure: Target Style.

Vanity is a new women's fashion client for me.  A few weeks ago, I shot their fall campaign out at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Unfortunately, I can't share much more than a few behind the scenes photos until the campaign is released this fall.  The best part of this shoot?  There was a horse!  The client did not know I grew up riding and showing horses, so I think everyone was happy I could ride her and get her to do her special tricks!  And no, the photo of her rearing is not photoshopped... I gave her the command and had about .25 seconds to put my arms down, stand still and smile!

Big thank you to my agencies Factor Women (Chicago and Atlanta) and Wehmann Models & Talent (Minneapolis).  I couldn't work like I do from Minneapolis without you! xoxo

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