March 6, 2015

Super Easy, Super Tasty, Healthy Breakfast Berries in Coconut Milk

It's not very often   I don't ever post my kitchen creations because, well, the kitchen is not exactly my strength.  I am really good at decorating cookies and cakes, but this does me no good since I can't have those types of foods around me or I'll eat every last crumb... in one night.  I find it much easier to have Bite Squad deliver food to wherever I am from my favorite healthy restaurant in Uptown, Agra Culture!

Despite my lack of kitchen creativity, I don't mess around with breakfast.  This is the area I've learned to navigate well out of pure necessity. I wake up starving most mornings, (is that weird?) and since Bite Squad doesn't deliver until 11, I need to keep a few things in the fridge for breakfast to avoid a hangry meltown.  Growing up, my parents (who just didn't know any better at the time) kept the kitchen stocked with Eggo Waffles, Toaster Strudels and Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal with 2% milk for quick breakfast staples,  Yikes!  It all tasted good, but all of these are the worst offending food items one can eat. I would be starving by 10am with blood sugar crashes. As an adult, I wouldn't dare put any of that in my body... talk about processed/gluten/carbohydrate/sugar bomb!

When I started to model- it became part of my job to educate myself on foods and proper nutrition.  I saw a nutritionist, read a zillion books and talked with experts.  Then, I tried and tested it all on myself.  While everyone's body handles different foods differently, there are two things I know to stay away from: Dairy and gluten products.  When I eat either of these two things, my skin pays for it immediately, (although I have no problem indulging if something is really worth it!). But, knocking out gluten and dairy makes most American Breakfast options very limited.  With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, what is left to eat without the cereal, toast, granola, waffles and pancakes?

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Time: 1 minute

You need:
1 1/2 cups Pre-washed berries of your choice (I use sliced bananas and grapes too!)
1/2 can full-fat coconut milk
1tbsp honey
1/4 cup Slivered Almonds

I love a little sweetness in my life, so my super simple breakfast satisfies my sweet tooth, while nixing all the bad processed sugars.  Since I'm always in a hurry, this takes about 60 seconds to make... and I don't have to be any sort of kitchen genius to make it.

Directions: Mix the coconut milk with the honey for a sweet, creamy yogurt-y mixture. I use canned coconut milk and a big handful of slivered almonds for a healthy dose of good fats.  It's important to use the canned full-fat coconut milk, not the boxed stuff, stirring it well because it does separate in the can. Make sure your berries are pre-washed and sliced the night before, otherwise add another couple minutes time.

*Canned coconut milk also makes for extra creamy smoothies.

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