February 27, 2015

Live Creatively!

Happy Friday!
This is my first official post since the grand makeover of my blog!  Before I post anything else, I want to quickly introduce you to my new blog.  For the past year, I've really dug deep and thought long and hard about my entire mission as an artist (and, well, a good human being in general).  In doing so, I realized my website and old blog topics did not reflect my mission and who I am today. The best way to describe my new blog (this one) is to imagine a Venn Diagram. My new blog is the spot in the middle where being an artist, being a model and giving back overlap.   Less about me, more about you.

Moving forward, I plan to share a lot of what I know the most about- creativity, making art, what I've learned from my decade working as a model- especially when it comes to the topic of beauty! My aim is to give you thoughtful posts with inspiring stories, talented people and DIY projects you can do at home. To help me fill in the blanks, I'm lucky to have access to an army of talented, smart experts from the art and fashion worlds.  Repeat After V is all about me giving you knowledge, tips and ideas I've already tried and tested.

While a lot of old content from years past will remain here, there will be a shift in what I write about going forward.  It's a little fascinating (and shocking) to see how far I've come since I first started blogging in 2009.  In 2015, I've rebranded my website and blog with a new mission statement, "Live Creatively".  I think it perfectly describes my life and what I do as an artist.  Most importantly, it's a statement aimed at you.

We are all creative beings capable of creating something great every single day- and a lot of us do!  For me, creating is as necessary as breathing.  Not only do I want us all to enjoy a life lived more creatively, but more thoughtfully, gratefully and beautifully (from the inside, or in the form of art!).