May 1, 2014

Meet Bette and Lalita!

I am so very excited to share with you two lovely people in my life who have helped and continue to help me grow my art business.  If you are planning to attend our Open Studio Event this weekend, you will be able to meet all three of us!  We have been working hard to create a wonderful experience for all of our guests this Saturday evening.  

A little about each of these lovely ladies: 

Bette is my studio partner who I feel so lucky to have in my life.  She specializes in film photography (yes, actual film) and processes and develops her work in her dark room located inside of our studio.  Together, we have created an incredible studio that is an inspiring and almost magical place to work. 

Lalita and I met about six years ago (I think, but who is keeping count?) at a fashion event in Minneapolis.  We bonded instantly and she has been one of my very closest and best of friends ever since.   Recently, it was Lali's idea to help me with my business... she noticed areas where I needed help and those areas happen to be her strengths!   No one knows my art better than Lali, which makes her perfect for managing sales and business relations.

Drop Lalita a line and say hello, and feel free to ask her any questions about purchasing artwork and prints!

Hope to see everyone at this weekends' event!

Photo credit:  Bernadette @ Dette Snaps