July 17, 2013

On the road... busy month in the world of fashion!

Well, I am on day number four of my multi-city journey starting Minneapolis ending in Mallorca.  This will be the most consecutive days I have been away from home base in Minneapolis for quite a while! On Thursday I will be in Miami for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week... or more appropriately, Swim Week.  But at this moment, I am in my hotel room in Tampa... well, technically St. Petersburg for a three day shoot.  Bummer that I am missing all the Swim Week castings in Miami right now, but I am grateful to be working.  It's raining outside, so this is the perfect reason to slow down, stay in and write a little blog post that I have been meaning to do. I have to admit that I find myself missing the comforts of home already, especially miss my little dog, Teddy. I have grown used to being with his happy little licking, wagging, cuddly, floppy-eared self 24-7.  I won't see him until August 4th!!!

I stopped by my agency in Miami a couple days ago, armed with my portfolio on my iPad per usual.  I was so excited to show them my newest digital portfolio addition.  It wasn't a new tear sheet.  Or test shoot. To me, it was the next best thing to a Vogue cover.  It was a sweet little 40 second video collaboration created by the talented photographer/videographer David Puente.  The agency loved it.  They wanted another one.

If you ask me, little videos like this are the future of modeling and photography portfolios.  Clients regularly ask to see video in addition to photos, because video can't be photoshopped and what you see is what you get!  It's engaging and a bit unexpected to hit the little play button after you swipe through still photos.  Video is becoming a normal addition to most paid photo shoots as well.  Video is more honest when showing the true fit of clothing to customers online.

Shooting our little video was easy and required minimal equipment or props, but Daves' editing skills and eye for composition are what make the video interesting. It's intentionally under a minute, although we had enough footage to make it much longer.  The short length serves two purposes: you are more likely to watch the whole video before you get bored or distracted by one of your ten open browser tabs. And, if I show it to someone on my iPad and they don't like it, they don't need to awkwardly endure several minutes of my video just to be nice.  But, the feedback has been 100% positive so far, and this video added a whole new life to my portfolio.

Dave and I are planning to make another one soon.  Stay tuned!

Here's the vid: