February 20, 2013

Event and ticket details for tomorrow's event at the Fine Line in Minneapolis!

***UPDATE***  I had great news waiting in my inbox this morning.  The event coordinator for tonight's show informed me that my wonderful friends and supporters purchased way more than the amount of tickets that I was asked to sell.   Because of this incredible generosity and support, the event is going to allow me to put any additional guests on the list with no ticket cost as a bonus to everyone!!!  THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets,  I will be thanking each of you personally when I see you tonight! Your support will help put on more great events like this. We did it!  Now, we will have some fun tonight.  

I do need to have names for the guest list by 7pm.  If you are not on my guest list, you will still need to pay the $15 cover at the door.  The guest list was a special bonus extended to  friends of mine because I sold so many tickets.  Please email me at: valcarpender@gmail.com  Come out and have some fun!  See you later!

I am excited to be one of the featured artists tomorrow night at the RAW Artists Organization's Minneapolis Discovery event!  It will be a night of fashion, art, music and a great excuse to get out and be social on a snowy night! Be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time online for only $10, otherwise it's $15 if you want to buy at the door.

THANK YOU to everyone who already bought their tickets and are coming to support. I have been looking forward to finally being able to show you my work in person!

See event details and buy tickets here.

February 7, 2013

Luxe Magazine Event at the Gallery of Amazing Things

My girl paintings are living the life of luxury right now.  I am beyond thrilled to have them being exhibited at the Gallery of Amazing Things just north of Miami in Dania Beach, FL.  The gallery is stunning beyond words.   The video I posted explains it all.

Last week, the Gallery of Amazing Things (GoAT) hosted a gala for Luxe Magazine. This is an extra bonus for me because Luxe asked to feature my work in the showroom (with two Aston Martins!).   Did I need to think twice about this?  I am honored.  It's not every day this happens, and I am thrilled to have my girls were in the spotlight that night.  Check out the highlight video from the event and watch closely for my paintings.  They look great in that space if I must say!

Thank you to Arron Rimpley and Alfredo Barrios from the GoAT for making my work look beautiful in the space.  They're a great addition.   Thank you to everyone at Luxe for showcasing my work and asking me to be a part of your event.