January 10, 2013

Kicking off the New Year! New paintings coming soon!

I've been spending a lot of time in my studio the last couple of weeks really thinking about my next art show and the type of work I want to produce this year.  Based upon what I learned from selling my work last year, I have learned a valuable lesson as an artist.  Bottom line is, I have to paint cool stuff that people want to own, but it also has to have a story... a meaning... a reason for why I did what I did.  Even if it is a completely stupid story, a story is better than none because it gives the work meaning.

Meaning.  This is such an important factor to producing a piece of art that a person relates to enough to want to buy it, especially when they are parting with thousands of their hard-earned dollars.  There's a lot of pretty art out there that's easy to look at it, but it's also easy to forget about it.  What's worse is if your work looks a lot like someone else's work and it's not special.   While creating a painting that is visually appealing is important,  it's the story that really helps sell it and make it memorable.  Every piece I sold last year had one thing in common:  A story. Meaning. Emotion. Authenticity.