December 31, 2012

10 Things I will stop doing in 2013

Instead of a well-intended list of New Years resolutions, I wrote a list of the things I will stop doing in to sabotage myself 2013.  I had to dig a bit deeper and get down to specifics.  I took a hard look at myself and my bad habits personally and professionally and the impact they have on everything I do.  Hey, nobody is perfect, but it's time for me to kick the bad habits.

10.  Buying unnecessary stuff from Target, CVS and especially Sephora.

I mean, do I really need a heated eyelash curler?  A hundred lip glosses? I'd save so much money if I controlled my impulse purchases... and we all know what it's like to walk out of Target with $100 in purchases when all we needed was toothpaste.  I'm saving that extra $$.

9.  Forgetting to redeem/submit my miles on airlines.

This is me being lazy.  Free flights and upgrades are waiting.

8.  Stop watching dumb t.v.

Dumb t.v. can be a time-sucking brain cell-killer.  I'm a bit ashamed of the many times I have been flipping through the channels and catch two seconds of KUWK and it turns into two episodes.  I'm going to start watching more TED Talks instead.

December 11, 2012

Good Morning from Miami!

Good morning, sunshine!  I'm sitting at a Starbucks in Miami beach with my computer settling in for a morning of after-Art-Basel work (not such a bad office).  But first, I wanted to write a quick post about how Art Basel went!  It's so great to be in Miami, however I don't want you to think that your girl has been hanging by a pool or relaxing in the sun (although I probably should because my skin hasn't seen the sun in a couple months)!  It's been a whirlwind, fast paced and exciting week with another one ahead!

In front of Tosca with my sign!
I was originally scheduled to leave this morning, but I've had to extend my trip an extra week for work.    Aside from Art Basel, I met with a potential new agency, MC2 Miami when I landed last Tuesday.  They told me everything I wanted to hear and more. I signed. Within 24 hours, they had my comp cards made, a big job booked, online portfolio up, and had me submitted for a bunch of other big bookings that are perfect for me.  They don't mess around!  It's so refreshing to be with an agency who is on top of things and I've heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has worked with them. 

Back to the topic of Art Basel.  First and foremost, I need to thank every single person who came to support me at my show.  To be able to share my work and passion in such a big way is my dream come true.  The feedback was reinforcing and positive.  Thank you to my supportive boyfriend who surprised me and showed up looking handsome as ever, three nights in a row.  He is my biggest fan who encourages me to make art even on days I feel like I can't.  

I couldn't not have done this show if it weren't for the help of Stephan Fortier, whose beautiful new restaurant, Tosca (that had only been open three weeks), made for the most magical setting for my work.   I knew Tosca was going to be a beautiful restaurant, but when I came down to Miami and saw it first hand, I was blown away.  Then to see my work hanging in the garden area... it took my breath away.   If you ever should be so lucky to make a reservation here, be prepared for a night you'll never forget and have all of your expectations exceeded.  Tosca is, without doubt, the finest restaurant Miami. I am honored to have been the featured artist!

The beautiful garden area of my show.
I also need to thank Arron Rimpley from the Gallery of Amazing Things for organizing my show.  He and his team helped with the shipping of my artwork from Minnesota to Miami... which by the way, is no easy task!   The garden backdrop was his vision.   

And of course, my show was an even bigger success because of the supporters who loved my work enough to buy it.  It was so encouraging for me that they would pick my work to take home with them when there are hundreds upon hundreds of other talented artists down here to choose from. Thank you to the supporters who talked to me and let me share my story of my art and passion.  You've given me the fuel I need to keep moving forward.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I met so many inspiring and wonderful people.

December 9, 2012

A quick Art Basel Update!

Hi All!
It's the last day of Art Basel Miami  and I am writing just before I head out for the special closing party at the beautiful new James Royal Palm Hotel.  (I am also lucky enough to be staying here).  This hotel may be my new favorite place to stay in Miami.

This whole weekend was a tremendous success and I can't thank my supporters enough.  I sold two paintings and two prints!  Wow!  I met so many inspiring people.... from other artists to famous faces who all came through my show and saw my paintings.  I have so much fuel for my next show and what happens next.

I was so pleased to see myself on this weeks Huffington Post already... be sure to click this link to see the photo and credit!  Alright, I am going to get ready and head out for the last big night of Art Basel!  I don't want it all to end.

December 1, 2012

Come see me during Art Basel Miami next week!

The big week is finally here!  I've been preparing like crazy for the last two weeks getting everything ready for Art Basel Miami.  For those of you who haven't heard of what Art Basel is... well, it is THE biggest art show in all of North America.  To call it an art show is a quite the understatement... Miami turns into a whole different universe during Art Basel weekend of every top artist, gallery and "who's who" in the art world.

Yesterday, I shipped six paintings from my studio and also made prints of my favorite pieces.  I'll have something for everyone to take home! One of the paintings I shipped has not been shown to anyone yet, and I am excited to reveal it during Art Basel!  This is the biggest week of my career as an artist.  To say the least, I am pretty excited.  I am pretty lucky.

My Miami show, "Lust" will take place at the exclusive and beautiful new restaurant, Tosca, located in the epicenter of Art Basel and South Beach.  Tosca will be holding its grand opening celebration during Art Basel, so this is a great opportunity to check out one of the most anticipated new restaurants.  The event is open to everyone from 5-7pm Wed December 5th through Saturday December 8th and will take place in the garden area- which is truly a paradise come to life.  I'm welcoming everyone to come by and say hi to me and see my work.  I am very excited to share it!  We'll have cocktails and hors d'ouvres, and it will surely be a sexy night in Miami!

BIG thanks to the Gallery of Amazing Things (Dania Beach, FL) and Stephan Fortier (Fortier Creative Group) for all of their hard work coordinating my show.  

Looking forward to seeing you there!