October 24, 2012

My acting debut...

This past weekend, I was asked to take on a new challenge: an acting role (I know, right?!) for a short film to be submitted to the 2012 National Film Challenge.  I warned producer, Justin Dehn, that I am not a professional actor, but he took a chance on me anyways. The result?  Well, you'll have to see for yourself!

The  Film Challenge requires competitors to write, produce, film and edit a short film within the 48 hour time restriction using a given genre, character, prop and dialogue line.  Thousands of people submit their short films from around the country each year. Our given genre was dark comedy, the character was a park ranger, the prop was a telephone land line and tagline is "it was like that when I got here".  It was all written, cast, produced, shot and edited (complete with special effects) in one weekend.  Many of the scenes were done in just a couple takes.

What you don't see in our film is the incredible amount of planning, effort attention to detail and people involved in making something like this- even if it is only under 8 mins long. Major credit is due to everyone who nailed their parts n front of and behind the camera on this project.  I feel so hopeful for our film and I hope it does well in the competition!


October 18, 2012

Art Basel Miami! It's on!

Last year, I wrote a post about my experience attending Art Basel in Miami where I became seriously inspired.  For those of you not familiar, Art Basel is one of the world's most premier art shows showcasing leading galleries from around the world, holding events and exhibits that left an impressive impact on me and what it means to be an artist.  After that weekend, I wanted to figure out how to earn my way into Art Basel, but I knew it would likely take 20 years of blood, sweat and tears!

Today, I received a phone call confirming that my crazy dream to show at Art Basel came true.  I am showing my work in the epicenter of Art Basel this year!  Today marks a major milestone for me as an artist! I couldn't be more excited.

I wrote in a blog post once about how when a door of opportunity opens, walking through it often provides the greatest reward, even though it may seem like a risk at the time.  I's better to have taken that chance towards something greater than to always have wondered and wished you had.  I walked through several doors this year that had "risk" written all over them, but I am glad I did.  One opportunity led to the next, which led to the next, which led to the next...

I cannot even begin to express enough gratuity to those who believed in me on this journey.  I have so much appreciation to my supporters who have helped me open doors and build a career I am proud of and love.

Alright... time to plan for Art Basel!

October 14, 2012

Larger-than-life girls are on their way to Miami...

I've finally finished these three paintings for the beautiful new restaurant, Tosca, located in the heart of South Beach.  These works are some of my largest to date- each one is about six feet tall.  I've also shared the evolution of how I made each one... they went through many dramatic changes until I was happy with them.   I was given the task of using the words "seduction", "romance" and "lust"as my inspiration behind the meaning of these paintings.
Tosca will be opening in mid-November.  I can't wait to see my work in this beautiful space... I hear it is paradise.
"Lust" 34x70"
"Romance" 34x70"
"Paradise" 34x70"

The creation process involved in making these paintings is different for each one.  I use inspiration photos to help me with the anatomy of the figure, but mostly make up the colors and texture as I go.  Along the way, I photograph each change where I am able to see the painting from a different perspective.  Sometimes I notice things in a photo that I wouldn't necessarily standing in front of it. I completely change colors, shapes and sometimes the entire subject until I am happy with it.

The evolution of "Lust"  I did not like my first attempt and started over.  I kept the background texture of vintage postcards and papers, but that's it.

The evolution of "Paradise".  

The evolution of "Romance".  I used an old photo of Cindy Crawford as inspiration- you can see it taped to the top of my canvas.  The background is a collage of vintage postcards and papers. 

October 4, 2012

New Photos by the amazing Kevin White!

Modeling is in some ways like acting... you really have to believe you are someone else for a minute and let go of what you think might look "pretty" to get a killer shot.

Thanks Kevin, Terra and Sarah.  I loved shooting with all of you! xoxo

Click first image to see them all larger in portfolio view.

Photography: Kevin White
Hair and Makeup by Terra Henrichs.
Styling by Sarah Cochran

October 2, 2012

Can summer stay a little longer?!

I just received a few images from a shoot with photographer Jeff Johnson which reminded me of how great my summer in Minnesota was.  I am in denial that summer is coming to an end, but I can feel the winter creeping in already!  If any of you reading this has ever experienced a winter in Minnesota, you probably understand my nervousness towards winter.  I am going to miss running around Lake Calhoun!

Photo by Jeff Johnson

Instead of allowing myself to be depressed about the winter that is inevitably coming, I thought I would take a moment to reflect upon my summer and share gratitude.  I reached some milestones this summer!  I got an art studio, had a successful art show in NYC and am maintaining my work as a model while living in Minnesota... I am so grateful for this and I'll admit, some days I get scared it will all come crashing to an end. This summer was also full of personal growth and future planning for me.  I guess everyone goes through this in their mid-late 20's.  It was a time to dig deep into my soul and figure out how I want to spend my time on this earth.  Right, like I will ever have that totally figured out.

This summer, I focused on surrounding myself with wonderful people (made some new relationships and even rekindled some old ones) that have undoubtedly made my life richer in ways I can't describe.  I've practiced being a better listener and a better friend.  Good relationships are key.  We are all a reflection of the people we have around us... so pick your relationships wisely!

Happy Fall!  Get out and enjoy this weather before it's too cold...