October 23, 2011

Why Blog?

I get really passionate when explaining to people how social media such as blogging, Twitter and Facebook (just to name a few) is a really, REALLY powerful tool. Participating in these spaces not just relevant to our time but the real magic happens when you post content that moves people, has good intent and reveals who you REALLY are. For the first time in history, we have this amazing opportunity to have our voice heard, to inspire others and change the world- and it doesn't cost a penny. My post today is about just that... realizing the power in creating content and putting it out there!

People who resist having a Facebook profile often say it's because they don't want the world to "know everything" about them (or they are my grandparents). My answer to that is that if you don't want people to know something, then don't post it! You have control over what you post, it's not like Facebook or blogging ties you down and forces you to share all of your personal info (a Google search of your name probably already publicly discloses more than you know anyways). So why not use social media to your advantage and generate the content you want people to know about you?

My blog and Facebook has, without a doubt, changed my life and relationships. They have enabled me to create meaningful relationships with people that I otherwise would never met.  I feel I am able to "know" people better through the content they choose post.  Similarly, I want people to truly know me through what I put out there and that's why I post content in so many places.  

When you post something on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, your blog, whatever it is, you are creating a digital footprint for yourself- the individual brand that is you.  You are open to the idea of connecting with like-minded people. You can show the world who you really are (or if you want, you can even pretend to be someone you are not!). When you think about it, your computer generated and maintained relationships are actually very... human!  Your relationships can be nurtured and grow through social media, just the same as snail-mail and  telephone calls used to do... The bigger idea behind social media is that depending on how and what you put out there to the world, anyone can find you based upon a common interest or big idea. Sharing those ideas can make change happen, bring people from opposite sides of the world together, inspire others, get you hired for a job, fired from a job, you could even meet the person you fall in love with... who knows. That's really cool.

So what and how much info should you post? I've self-experimented with my blog, Facebook and Twitter and I've found that people relate to me more when I talk in my own voice, as if I am having a conversation with them in person. It doesn't work when I overly-filter what I am thinking for fear that someone won't agree with me.  There's a line I am careful to try not to cross when I am posting content as I don't want to appear like I want attention or approval on every detail of my "fabulous life as a model".  
 Facebook braggers are just obnoxious.   I think it's important to share my accomplishments I've worked hard for though... there's a difference.  Whatever the topic, the best content is  relatable, vulnerable and human.   I like that the world can easily connect with me and I would rather put it all out there myself than allow the content to be created elsewhere. Social media allows me to bring everyone into my adventures, holds me accountable to my ambitions and lets me share the lessons I learn along the way (writing publicly is kind of like therapy of some sort).

Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. YouTube. Linked In.  Etsy. Yelp. Blogger. Tumblr. Daily Mugshot.  Especially dating sites! There are a million places to connect with similar people. Get with it, or get left behind. Have a voice. Invite opportunity. Start somewhere and evolve. Post stuff, have a blog, take a chance and see what it brings into your life.  Don't fight it because social media isn't going anywhere. It's a part of our daily lives.  Embrace it.  

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