September 26, 2011

Her Life Magazine- October 2011 Issue

Check out my latest editorial, shot by photographer Spencer Combs, clothing by Pink Door Boutique.  These clothes were amazing, so comfy and fall appropriate.  The boots were mine though, they pretty much go with everything!

September 20, 2011

Kardashian Kollection for Sears

I forgot to post the pics from the Kardashian Kollection for Sears, which launched last month.  I've been meaning to share this for a few weeks now, but I guess I have been a little pre-occupied lately!  I remembered to take some behind the scenes pics from this shoot, so I'll post them too!

Shooting the KKwas such a fun shoot, the hair and makeup team made me look like a blonde version of Kim Kardashian- requiring ten pounds of hair extensions and massive eyelashes.  I met the designers who work directly with the sisters who are highly involved in the design of their clothing pieces.   The week the line launched Khloe, Kim and Kourtney had my picture on their blog, which made me feel semi-famous in my own world. The clothes are really cute,  the dresses fit like a glove and the one-piece jumpsuits are to die for!  Super move for Sears, the KK brings a little luxury where you least expect it. 
Preston Nesbit starting my hair at 6:30am.
Shoe decisions.  
Overly excited after drinking lots of coffee.
Photographer Emil Sinanagic who brought the magic behind the camera.
All dolled up.
Sold out?  This is a good thing!

One of Kim's favorite dresses.
Khloe's blog, and that jumpsuit I LOVE.

Oh and if you go into Sears and you're really wondering whose legs are on the packaging for the KK tights, yup, those are mine... I swear.

NEW SHOTS! September 2011

Here are a few shots from last week... they remind me of Guess ads- which I've always loved. Click them to view a full sized slide show.


September 6, 2011

Never in a million years did I think this would happen!

Can I just say this right now??? OMGSH.  I am in the middle of Times Square NYC. Someone pinch me, please.

I shot for Bud Light back in Feb of this year, and since then my friends have been sending me camera phone shots of my life-sized cardboard cutouts from bars all across the US. That's been pretty cool I must say.   I guess I am hanging from banners in grocery stores, liquor stores and I have seen one of the full page magazine print ads... I think that is a pretty good run for me as far as the modeling world goes.  But never, ever did I imagine this... I am in the middle of Times Square in NYC this week!   A few of my friends in NY were the first to notice, and I was so happy they could take these photos for me.

I think I will need to be taking a trip out to NY to see this in person. It's not every day this sort of thing happens!

Special thank you to my Kenny Roche, my booker for this job from Wilhelmina.  You rock.

New Art- Cramming to put together a show!

So, I'm in Minnesota for the next month working away like mad trying to get together an art show.  I honestly have no idea how I am going to do it, but I like the pressure!   Here is the direction of my new art pieces, they are more raw and emotional, they face the issues (good and bad) that we have all felt.  I am incorporating text and texture along with pretty faces and a little bit of mystery.  The paintings have double meanings... one that is obvious, and one that is deeper that not everyone will ever know.  Here is what I am working on now... halfway done.