January 24, 2010

Live Painting in Miami- Benefit for Haiti Relief Efforts

Last night, I created a girl painting live at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach, Miami.  I sold the painting silent auction style to help raise money for the people of Haiti.  The final bid was $1,500. The painting was sold to Richard Corrales, and he'll be taking her back to NYC with him this week.   Much thanks to the people of the Morgan Hotel Group for sponsoring my supplies and setting me up with such a great place to showcase my work.  I will be doing a live painting each Saturday at the Mondrian and Thursday's at the Delano's Florida Room.

January 16, 2010

Sports Illustrated Test Shoot!

The multi-talented Jaisen Tieg Van Holland took these photos- AND did my makeup.  We just shot these this morning in Miami Beach.

January 7, 2010

My first day in Miami

I've made the move to Miami Beach FL and I am loving it!  My agency, 301, is amazing and I am so proud to have such good people to work with.  They're keeping my busy and I've hit the ground running!  I can now officially say that I've made it back into the modeling world full force.  

Miami Beach- my new home.

Within ten minutes of being in my new agency, I was sent out the door with these post-it notes with directions to where my first castings were...  Way to put me to work right away!  Love it!

This is me  at my first casting trying on one of the designers clothes for a fashion show... I got the job!

Shoot with Bernie DeBelles

Bernie is pretty much a creative genius.  We shot these at the W hotel, each look in less than 20 frames... quick, spontaneous shoot!