November 19, 2010

Now I'm in New York, New York!

Being in NYC is a whole new adventure compared to the other cities I've lived.  I moved here in October and can honestly say I feel right at home.  Everyone in NY is in just as big of a hurry as I always am, and I think that's part of why I love it so much.  I've figured out all of my favorite places to shop and eat that nowhere else in the country compares.  I wake up early (even on my days off) because there is so much to see and do that I'd hate to waste a single minute.  Or, maybe I wake up early because of the sirens blasting outside my window at any given moment. Learning the subway was tricky at first, it's much the same is the L in Chicago, but  I'd rather walk or hail a cab.  The subway is kind of creepy to me- especially when it gets jammed up under the river with all of those people on board.

Oh, and shopping and fashion is truly infectious here- I've become somewhat addicted to buying new clothes in Soho.   Woops!  Love NYC fashion, especially in the fall time. 

Aside from learning the city, I've been been reading a lot of great new books since I've been spending so much time on an airplane- a lot on the subject of health and nutrition written by some very reputable Dr's..  I think everyone should pick up a book on eating healthy and how our bodies process the things we put into it. It's especially interesting to learn what artificial sweeteners and energy drinks do to our bodies over time!  What we feed your bodies is so important, even if you're not a model or trying to lose weight...  Ok, I'm done preechin'.

And lastly, here are a few pics I took on my new camera.  I just bought a Canon G12, and totally love it.  I can't take a bad picture with it!

The sidewalk outside of my apartment at 6am.  I was just getting back from an early flight and the lighting was so pretty... and barely any people! 

I am obsessed, although I haven't had one yet because I'm always having to shoot in swimwear and I know these are off limits for me!  Crumbs Cupcake shop, the best cupcakes I've ever seen.
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Koi fish at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden...

September 21, 2010

Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Week 2010

Swim Week in Miami was so much fun!  My favorite runway show I did was True Religion... we walked to rock tunes and were barefoot on the runway. Saturday night was insane backstage at the shows... it was truly an awesome experience to be a part of.  

True Religion, Aqua Di Lara and Poko Pano 

April 17, 2010

Justin Macala Photo Shoot

Livio Mancinelli Photo Shoot

Check out these shots I did with Italian photographer Livio Mancinelli.  He even did the styling.  I showed up for this shoot early in the morning expecting someone to be on set to do my hair and makeup, but to my surprise, Livio said "I don't like to use makeup, I prefer to keep the skin and hair natural".  After a brief moment of freaking out, I went with it and the shots turned out nice!  Because of this shoot, I rarely leave the house with a lot of makeup on anymore.  Lip gloss and mascara- it's the only two beauty tools a girl really needs. Thanks, Livio!

March 22, 2010

Chris Knight Photo Shoot

We shot this as a big thunderstorm was rolling in over the ocean last night... adds to the excitement!  Photos and styling by Chris Knight.

March 18, 2010

Bejeweled/Outpost Trading Co Photo Shoot

We shot for two straight days... no joke!  It was a lot of work, nearly 300 outfit changes.  Loved working with Susan Fixel and photographer Sam Notorbartolo. Looking forward to working with them more in the future...

March 15, 2010

Latest Painting...

Last week, the nicest thing happened to me.  I answered a knock at my hotel door and it was the bellman standing there with a big box from Amazon.  I had no idea who it was from!  I opened the box to find three of the most beautiful horse books, a gift from Adam Tomazos, a client who purchased a painting from me here in Miami.

Of course, I paged through the books a million times over and knew I had to get to work on a horse painting.  This was more of a personal project, and wasn't meant to be cohesive with most of my usual pop-art paintings I make.  Horses are a very easy subject for me to paint, which is why I challenge myself to paint anything BUT horses in my career as an artist.  I did this in a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, but if I sell it to someone, I'll keep that my secret...

February 11, 2010

Switching Miami Agencies

I just signed with Wilhelmina Miami.  It wasn't easy to say good bye to my bookers who remained at 301, but switching to Wilhelmina was a good business decision for me.  With this new agency, I feel like my career will be managed better and my goals will happen a lot sooner!

February 2, 2010

Swimwear Shoot, Jan '10 on Miami Beach

Photography by Bill Cannon. I wish he lived in Miami so that I could shoot with him more!  I had the pleasure of shooting with him twice in one week, which was an amazing opportunity.  He shoots for big clients such asEddie Bauer and Nordstrom.  This guy knows his stuff.

RollerSkate Shoot, January '10

Photography by: Bill Cannon.  This was a challenging shoot- dodging raindrops and trying not to fall!

February 1, 2010

Just signed with Factor (formerly Elite)

Looks like I will be spending some time modeling in between Miami and Chicago?  I just signed with Factor in Chicago and I am looking forward to being a part of another great agency.

January 24, 2010

Live Painting in Miami- Benefit for Haiti Relief Efforts

Last night, I created a girl painting live at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach, Miami.  I sold the painting silent auction style to help raise money for the people of Haiti.  The final bid was $1,500. The painting was sold to Richard Corrales, and he'll be taking her back to NYC with him this week.   Much thanks to the people of the Morgan Hotel Group for sponsoring my supplies and setting me up with such a great place to showcase my work.  I will be doing a live painting each Saturday at the Mondrian and Thursday's at the Delano's Florida Room.

January 16, 2010

Sports Illustrated Test Shoot!

The multi-talented Jaisen Tieg Van Holland took these photos- AND did my makeup.  We just shot these this morning in Miami Beach.

January 7, 2010

My first day in Miami

I've made the move to Miami Beach FL and I am loving it!  My agency, 301, is amazing and I am so proud to have such good people to work with.  They're keeping my busy and I've hit the ground running!  I can now officially say that I've made it back into the modeling world full force.  

Miami Beach- my new home.

Within ten minutes of being in my new agency, I was sent out the door with these post-it notes with directions to where my first castings were...  Way to put me to work right away!  Love it!

This is me  at my first casting trying on one of the designers clothes for a fashion show... I got the job!

Shoot with Bernie DeBelles

Bernie is pretty much a creative genius.  We shot these at the W hotel, each look in less than 20 frames... quick, spontaneous shoot!