October 9, 2009

Minnesota Fashion Week 2009

Minnesota Fashion Week was a fun one! I was in two fashion shows, did a live photo shoot, a live painting and shot editorial for Metro Magazine!

October 2, 2009

American Artland: Episode 1

Assigning everyone a color to start with.  You can see my little photoshopped "plan" hanging on the wall behind us and a black outline on the wall showing where to paint.
Day 1: Making quick progress! Everyone had a color and we went to town on the mural.  Turns out kids love climbing on scaffolding!

Kids will be kids.

I'm like a proud Mama.

Assigning everyone a color to start with!

My little brother, Craig, my producer, Brian and myself.  

This weekend was a big weekend for me! I finished the easy part of being co-producer, mentor, teacher and host of my television show, American Artland. Tagline: You are the artist. Life is your canvas.

It's such an amazing and rewarding show, because it's all about inspiring kids to be even more amazing. I worked with an incredible group of kids from the Twin Cities Boys & Girls Club and wanted to give them an opportunity to do something they could feel proud of creatively. I gave them some larger than life pointing lessons and they taught me a thing or two about being a kid again! Our first mural was here, in Minneapolis... next stops? Houston, Chicago, Atlanta... you name it, I am going. I'm leaving my mark on America, one kid and one wall at a time.  A link to the video tease can be found in the "Video" section of my blog.