July 26, 2009

The latest Pinup is done!

Here's my latest finished project. It's a 1940's inspired pinup girl reminiscent of the nose-art that was painted on the US bomber planes during WWII, hand painted onto an old Chevy truck hood. Of course, I had to modernize her slightly with a little bit sexier hair. Hand painting as opposed to air-brushing keeps the artwork authentic- just like the old bomber planes. This hood art was done for Jeff Justesen of Hudson Wisconsin. Jeff came to me saying that he had been staring at this hood for years trying to find someone to paint the pinup he had in mind. He picks it up on Thursday next week and I can't wait to see his expression!

Horses, horses. Did I mention I love horses?

A couple weeks ago, I shot with Andy Richter, a photographer in Minneapolis who does some amazing equine related work. This was one of my favorite shoots I've done, because I was so completely in my element being around horses. There was no editing required- Andy nailed the lighting right on.

This shoot also made me have one of those important "life checks". My schedule has been a bit hectic lately and I haven't been able to do as much riding- hardly at all this year. I also lost my favorite horse that I had ridden and shown since I was nine (Skipper) earlier this Spring which has made it REALLY difficult to pick myself up and get excited about riding. I kind of thought I would close that chapter of my life because of it, even though it's been a part of me for so long. When Andy asked me to do this shoot, I was instantly excited about it- like a kid in a candy store. Being around these horses, at Alpine Farms, and "horse people" that day reminded me again just how important it is to keep horse riding a part of my life. I have to keep riding.

Wood & Steel Magazine

This month, Taylor Guitars has published an article in Wood & Steel Magazine talking about the custom guitar I painted a couple months ago for Christian Schauf, lead singer of the band Catchpenny. Download the free PDF of the current issue and read the "Soundings" section, page 24 and 25.