May 22, 2009

Here's the guitar in action...

Here's a follow up on the status of the Taylor Guitar I painted: It's in Iraq right now playing for our troops. Christian (lead singer of Catchpenny) even lets the soldiers have a try at playing the guitar. They LOVE what Catchpenny is doing for them. A lot of these bases haven't seen outside entertainment in months, and seeing live rock-n-roll music is just the thing they need to make them smile and make them feel human again. The troops are so thankful- they even write emails to Catchpenny after the show that really touch your heart. Catchpenny doesn't try to be the typical sex, drugs, Hollywood and fame driven rock band- they perform in ways that truly matter- with only good intentions. And my ending comment for tonight: What are you doing that is a positive reflection on our country? God Bless America.

May 21, 2009

Next: Wood & Steel Magazine

Taylor Guitars contacted me today and asked if they could do a piece in Wood & Steel Magazine about the guitar I painted for Christian (singer in the band, Catchpenny) and the story of them playing for our U.S. Soldiers at war in Iraq. I am very excited about this opportunity to have my artwork published in a quarterly magazine where guitar collectors and enthusiasts will be able to see my work. Bring on more guitar painting projects!

May 18, 2009

The Beatles "Ticket to Ride" digital prints- For Sale!

Last week, I created a poster of the Beatles, and named it after their famous "Ticket to Ride" song. The background layer is a collage of 1960's Beatles concert tickets that I created, each with the different lyrics to the hit Beatles songs written on them. I sold out of these at the Art-A-Whirl show, and started taking orders for more!

May 11, 2009

Taylor Guitars Tweets about my guitar painting... cool!

How cool is this? Taylor, the guitar sponsor that provided me with the guitar to paint on, seems to be happy with the custom paint job! They tweeted to both Christian, the singer for Catchpenny, and myself with a picture URL attached!

Here's that info about the fantastic Photographers I know..

I am posting the contact information to the two photographers who I constantly get asked about... I have done recent fashion/editorial shoots with both of these guys and I get SO many compliments on their work. If you're looking for a photographer that I highly recommend, check out my good friends Alec and Kyle, both professional photographers in the Mpls. area. Trust me, they're good! I've got their photos posted earlier on my blog.

Alec Johnson:

Kyle Camerer:

* Both of these guys offer classes and workshops for learning photographers, too!

May 7, 2009

MCAD Senior Exhibition

Be sure to stop by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design May 6-14 to view my exhibition. I've got the original guitar that I painted for Christian Schauf of Catchpenny on display! It's open to the public all day, it's free, first floor main gallery.

Voltage Fashion Show

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